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Carnation - The Nation's Favourite Flower!

Frowned upon by style gurus it may be, but the classic Carnation is still the nation's favourite flower - and ours too! Our Carnations are grown in fertile Colombian soil at 2600 metres above sea level. Planting so high means there is a consistent temperature of 13-19 degrees year round, this temperate climate produces a consistently good quality Carnation with a really strong stem. Our Carnations are available as a standard Carnation - one large flower per stem, or a spray Carnation with lots of smaller flowers. These extremely long-lasting flowers are guaranteed to last 2 weeks. Carnations are said to mean ‘Fascination’ and ‘Devoted Love’. Different coloured Carnations carry different meanings too, for example red for ‘admiration’ and pink for ‘women’s love’.

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